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Ep # Title Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
Video Content
001 The C64 Mini Tips and Tricks : CJM files and Multiple disk Programs 2019-01-09 Watch Now files
002 Testing Pascal Compilers on the C64 Mini 2019-01-12 Watch Now files
003 The Colour Maximite Computer : Connecting a Sega Controller 2019-01-25 Watch Now files
004 Sega Dreamcast running NetBSD, is it useful? 2019-03-08 Watch Now
005 Watch as I build a ZX Spectrum Atari Joystick Adapter : Ep05 2019-03-28 Watch Now files
006 3D print and final assembly of ZX Spectrum Joystick adapter 2019-03-31 Watch Now files
007 How I improved the ZX Spectrum experience using an SD Card and HDMI Cable 2019-04-09 Watch Now files
008 Sneak preview of my new web based review & rating application 2019-04-27 Watch Now
009 Why did I just destroy a Battery Backup? 2020-07-02 Watch Now
010 Cyberpower sent me a replacement UPS, let's test it. 2020-07-12 Watch Now
011 SnakeyBus : a retro look at a modern version of the classic snake genre of games, Nibbles. 2020-07-12 Watch Now
012 Why 3D Printing is Retro? 2020-08-19 Watch Now
013 Reviewing the Lego NES 2020-11-14 Watch Now
014 Atari VCS closer look 2021-12-30 Watch Now
015 Inside the Atari VCS filesystem - exploring PC Mode using Linux rescue 2021-01-01 Watch Now
016 Atari VCS disassembly 2021-01-02 Watch Now
017 Atari VCS: PC Mode install & restore on the internal M.2 storage using Lubuntu & OpenSuSe 2021-01-04 Watch Now
018 Atari VCS 32GB Memory & SSD Upgrade 2021-01-07 Watch Now
019 Atari VCS Emulating Playstation 2 and GameCube on Ubuntu Linux - Blood Rayne demo 2021-01-08 Watch Now
020 Responding to Questions & Comments on my Atari VCS video series 2021-01-10 Watch Now
021 What I like and dislike about the Atari VCS 2021-01-19 Watch Now
022 Atari VCS BIOS Revealed 2021-01-20 Watch Now files
023 Batocera on the Atari VCS - uefi SecureBoot Disabled 2021-01-21 Watch Now
024 Atari VCS BIOS closer look + How-To disable password and secure boot 2021-01-21 Watch Now
025 Atari VCS Tamper Proof features explained - What is Verity? What Happens if you write to the rootfs? 2021-01-23 Watch Now
026 How to chroot the Atari VCS OS for testing 2021-01-28 Watch Now files
027 Atari VCS BIOS update 20: Disable secure boot & password search techniques I tried. 2021-02-21 Watch Now
028 Choosing an Operating Systems for a use case: gaming, embedded or firewalls. Linux, BSD, others? 2021-02-26 Watch Now